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Award Nominations and Criteria

Applications for the 2022 Awards Gala Open Through March 18, 2022!

Please review rules, eligibility, production criteria (if applicable), and applications below.

Top Producer Award Rules and Criteria

  • To be eligible for consideration as a “Top Producer,” all applicants must currently hold a NEAR REALTOR® membership in good standing. (This includes team members.)
  • Closing dates must be between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.
  • Submission deadline is Friday, March 18, 2022. Late applications will NOT be accepted.
  • Sold/rented properties through MLSPIN, NEREN, or other MLS may be counted.
  • All entries not substantiated by MLSPIN or NEREN reports require documentation.
  • No credit will be given for outgoing referrals, leases or finder’s fees.
  • Applicant takes credit for the full sales price and 1 unit if either the listing or selling agent. If applicant is both listing and selling agent on the same transaction, he/she may count the full sale price twice and 1 unit for each side.
  • Rentals will be counted 3:1 for units/side (ex. for every three rentals, 1 side is counted) and 1:1 for sales volumes. Please include your full numbers! Staff will make the calculations.
  • All entries are subject to verification and NEAR reserves the right to reject applications based on fraudulent information.
  • NEAR has the right to and may request additional documentation in order to verify any sales.


Individual: Single REALTOR® who works alone without support of licensed individuals. Agent may be a broker/owner.

Team of 3 or Less: A group of three or fewer licensed agents who work together and all transactions are reported under one team. Agent may be a broker/owner.

Team of 4 or More: A group of four or more licensed agents who work together and all transactions are reported under one team. Agent may be broker/owner.



Team of 3 or Less

Team of 4 or More


(in millions)


(in millions)


(in millions)










$7.5 - $9.999

35 - 49

$12 - $14.999

52 - 74

$18 - $22.499

78 - 111


$4.5 - $7.499

20 - 34

$9 - $11.999

30 - 51

$13.5 - $17.999

45 - 77


$3 - $4.499

10 - 19

$6 - $8.999

18 - 29

$10 - $13.499

35 - 44



2021 Special Award Winners

Kristen Keengan
REALTOR® of the Year

Kristen Keegan

REALTOR® of the Year

Joe Farragher
Distinguished Service

Joe Farragher

Distinguished Service

Leslie Thomas 
True Professional

Leslie Thomas

True Professional

Nicole Antonopoulos
Rookie of the Year - Volume

Nicole Antonopoulos

Rookie of the Year - Volume

Alyson Traficante
Rookie of the Year - Sides

Alyson Traficante

Rookie of the Year - Sides

Congratulations to the 2020 Top Producers!

Maryanne Alexander
Shannon Anderson
Paul Annaloro
Nicole Antonopoulos
Raymond Boutin
Carla Burns
Donna Bursey
Debbie Carusi
Winnie Chicoine
Robert Ciccarelli
Richard Coco
Sharon Coskren
Karen Coulliard
Kathleen Cyrier
Patricia Dearborn
Margus Deery
Timothy Desmarais
Dan Diodati
Chris Doherty
Dianna Doherty
Jim Dolliver
Constance Doto
Bryan Duby
Paul Dunton
Ray Durling
Kelly Espinola
Ann Marie Fogg
Neil Fredette
Jose Frias
Trevor Gearin
Kelli Gilbride
Lisa Gray
Jen Hamilton-Bower
Angela Harkins
Maureen Howe
Cathy Johnson
Mary Koontz-Daher
Johan Lopez
Alison Ludwig
Carol Macri McDonald
Jose Martinez
Matt McLennan
Kerry Nicolls
Nidia Peguero
Jackie Pitts
Robyn Renahan
Kara Ross
Christine Saba
Kal Shetty
Padmaja Sonti
Jenepher Spencer
Rhonda Stone
Leslie Thomas
Jessica Tomlinson
Alyson Traficante
Lynn Walsh

The Fisichelli Team: Steve Fisichelli, Joe Fisichelli, and Nick Fisichelli
The Joe & Cindy Team: Joseph Ippolito and Cynthia DeMartino
Kanniard Residential Group: Steve Kanniard, Jason Houde
The Lush Group: Tristan Lush and Loren Lush
The Maren Group: Jon Maren, Jen Houlihan, and Laurie Liffmann
Papineau Team: Gretchen Papineau, Chris Papineau, and Tom Papineau
Peter Thompson Team: Peter Thompson, Deborah Salamone, and Heather Hanley
Pillar Realty Group: Susan Zeppi, Jennifer St. Onge, and Dianna Burton
Pozerycki Arpino Realty Team: Bill Pozerycki and Linda Arpino
Sebell Vogt Homes: Amy Sebell and Kyle Vogt
Susan Sells Team: Susan Rochwarg and Greg French
Team Correia: Kevin Correia, Ana Lisa Colon-Correia, and Jarad Gagnon
Team Ortega: Glorisell Ortega, Dayra Perez, and Atanis Almanzar
Windward & Main Realty Group: Jennifer Sands and Shannon Steenbruggen

Apple Country Team: Daniel Loring, Kathryn O'Hearn Loring, Peter Ricupero, and Catherine Walmsley
Blood Team Realty Group: Michael Blood, Adam Manolis, David Duong, Liz Haskins, and Kelley Jenkins
The Carroll Group: Thomas Carroll, Heather Holman, Sandra Monroe, Jill Petrovich, Cheryl Tibaudo, and Dennis Toomey
The Deborah Lucci Team: Deborah Lucci, Joanne Dee, Elisa O'Connell, Angela Sweeney, Nicole Leahy, Diana Silva, Mackenzie Cormier
The DiPietro Group: Shannon DiPietro, Christine Carey, Nicole Matos, and Kendall Crutchfield
Fermin Group: Michelle Fermin, Zolgalys Sanchez, Andres Castaneda, Kennia Mejia, Franklin Guzman, and Betty Camilo-Correa
Knox Haschig Real Estate Group: Kimberly Knox, Joseph Knox, David Haschig, Tammy Haschig, Deborah Austermann, Sherry Stallings, Abir Lattouf, Patrice Chassagnade, and Marylyn Collins
The Liriano Team: Jefri Liriano, Anibal Mendez, Carlos Garcia, Jennifer Coa, Chris Caraballo, and Xavier Nunez
Markel Realty Group: Frances Markel, Jill Haines, Donna DiGiovine, and Fred Baumert
Olivares Molina Team: Denise Olivares-Molina, Guillermo A. Molina, Jr., Johnny Rivas, Michael Santana, Billy Pozo, and Carolina Peralta-Ruiz
The Peggy Patenaude Team: Peggy Patenaude, Joe Osbaldeston, Laurie Carbone, Anmarie Cenisio, Stephen D'Addario, Barbara Grasso, Charlene Liang, Tracy Reilly, and Karen Samenuk
The Property Shop: Lisa Sevajian, Laura Putnam, Christine Welch, Milly Smith, Mike Putnam, and Ryan O' Connor
Reliable Results Team: Tricia Eggert, Leah Paglia, Suraj Tamrakar, Nicole Kazanjian, and Chris Rice
Robin Flynn Team: Robin Flynn, Ron Gagnon, Judd Braverman, Joell Mazza, Carrie Perry, and Edward Flynn
The Rogers/Melo Team: Nancy Rogers, Justin Melo, Celeste Dunn, Kate Duffy, and Matt Couture
Silver Key Homes Group: Kristen Keegan, Christina Silva, Christina Tarpy, Kathy Woekel, Jill McGowan, Bernadette Foster, and Robyn Crowe
St. Martin Team: Colleen Murphy, Beth Paulauskas, Kieran Meehan, Adam McCusker, and Lauren Cusano
The Tabassi Team: Brandon Tabassi, Mehr Tabassi, Victor Cordero, Christine Girard, Matt LaBerge, Ana Padros, Heather Parsons, and Donna Sheehey
Team Lillian Montalto: Lillian Montalto, Bob Bohlen, Eric Frahlich, Tyler Richards, Todd Koss, Wayne Altavilla, Zhuoming Sun, Johanna Webster, Jacob Gordon, Robert Lumbard, Connor Moynihan, Michael Reddy, Gabrielle Russo, Mariah Marnie, Jessica Taylor, Julie Wetherbee, and Luciano Schipiletti
Treetop Group: Sid Gehlot, Seydyss Barreto, Danting Liu, Joan Bissdorf, Iris Melendez, Penelope Valdez Mejia, Silenny Rodriguez, Luna Zhang, and Michelle O'Neil

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