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Award Nominations and Criteria

Nominations & Applications for Recognition at the 2024 Gala Now Open!

Deadline for submissions: February 29, 2024

Save the date! This year's gala will be held on Wednesday, April 10th. REGISTER TODAY!


Please be sure to review rules, eligibility, production criteria (if applicable), and applications below. Guidelines specific to Rookie Awards can be found on the application.

For production awards, we recommend pulling the required reports prior to beginning your application as you will need to upload them. You can find instructions on how to pull the reports here: MLS PIN | PrimeMLS 

Top Producer Award Rules and Criteria

  • To be eligible for consideration as a “Top Producer,” all applicants must currently hold a NEAR REALTOR® membership in good standing. (This includes team members.)
  • Closing dates must be between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.
  • Submission deadline is February 23, 2024. Late applications will NOT be accepted.
  • Sold/rented properties through MLSPIN, Prime MLS, or other MLS may be counted.
  • All entries not substantiated by MLSPIN or Prime MLS reports require documentation.
  • No credit will be given for outgoing referrals, leases, or finder’s fees.
  • Applicant takes credit for the full sales price and 1 unit if either the listing or selling agent. If applicant is both listing and selling agent on the same transaction, he/she may count the full sale price twice and 1 unit for each side. Please double-check your reports to be sure both sides are included.
  • Rentals will be counted 3:1 for units/side (ex. for every three rentals, 1 side is counted) and 1:1 for sales volumes.
  • All entries are subject to verification and NEAR reserves the right to reject applications based on fraudulent information.
  • NEAR has the right to and may request additional documentation in order to verify any sales.


Individual: Single REALTOR® who works alone without support of licensed individuals. Agent may be a broker/owner.

Team of 3 or Fewer: A group of three or fewer licensed agents who work together and all transactions are reported under one team. Agent may be a broker/owner.

Team of 4 or More: A group of four or more licensed agents who work together and all transactions are reported under one team. Agent may be broker/owner.



Team of 3 or Fewer

Team of 4 or More


(in millions)


(in millions)


(in millions)










$7.5 - $9.999

35 - 49

$12 - $14.999

52 - 74

$18 - $22.499

78 - 111


$4.5 - $7.499

20 - 34

$9 - $11.999

30 - 51

$13.5 - $17.999

45 - 77


$3 - $4.499

10 - 19

$6 - $8.999

18 - 29

$10 - $13.499

35 - 44



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