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REALTOR® Crisis Fund

What is the REALTOR® Crisis Fund?

As 1099 independent contractors, REALTORS® are often hard-pressed to adequately save for unexpected emergencies or life problems. Therefore, concerned members of our association, with the support of our Board of Directors, established the REALTOR® Crisis Fund (RCF) in 2003 to help NEAR REALTORS® who face extraordinary financial need. Since the Fund was created, it has helped – and continues to help – members with fire, floods, disasters, severe health issues, domestic violence issues, and more. While all grants are confidential, we can tell you that since its creation, the fund has helped more than 90 NEAR REALTORS® in dire need and distributed more than $81,000.

NEAR is one of the few REALTOR® Associations in the country with a program such as this one. It is principally funded by member donations, particularly our annual gala auction and raffle, and supplemented by fees for non-member REALTORS® on the weekly NEAR Caravan/Broker Tour.

All requests for REALTOR® Crisis Fund assistance are reviewed by the NEAR Executive Committee, which also makes all decisions regarding funds granted. All inquiries are treated with confidentiality.

Access NEAR REALTOR® Crisis Fund Application

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