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SPC Program

State Political Coordinators (SPC) play an important role in the grassroots and advocacy efforts in Massachusetts. Each member that serves in this role is tasked with cultivating a relationship and educating their member of the legislature with respect to the issues important to the real estate industry and homeownership. To that end, each SPC is responsible for and agrees to perform the following duties:

Advocate on Behalf of all REALTORS®: The REALTOR® Party is the non-partisan approach to supporting legislation and issues that benefit all REALTORS®, homeowners, and private property rights. SPCs must be prepared to remain neutral and remove their personal bias on the issues in order to advocate on behalf of REALTOR® Party-supported issues.

Maintain Contact with the Assigned Legislator: SPCs are expected to keep in contact with their legislator throughout the year.

Respond to and Promote all MAR Calls for Action: SPCs are expected to respond to all MAR Calls for Action they receive. SPCs are looked upon as leaders by their REALTOR® colleagues and should lead by example. After responding to a Call for Action, SPCs should encourage their fellow REALTORS® to do the same.

File Field Reports: Following each interaction with their Legislator, the SPC must file a field report with MAR. Filing a field report after each meeting alerts MAR lobbying, government affairs, and RPAC staff (if a check delivery was part of the interaction) that the meeting occurred.

Utilize and Deliver RPAC Contributions: In coordination with MAR and Mass RPAC, the SPC may be asked to deliver in-district RPAC checks in accordance with Massachusetts state law. In the event that an SPC will deliver an RPAC check to her or her legislator, the state association will notify the respective local association, which may participate in the delivery or presentation.

Attend REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill: All SPCs are encouraged to attend REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill, and to encourage REALTOR® colleagues to do the same.

Participate in training as required.

Sign and return the SPC Pledge Form.


What is the goal of the SPC program?

The SPC program serves to link Legislators more directly with REALTOR® members in their community and the issues facing MAR and the real estate industry as a whole. By building a solid and lasting personal relationship with a legislator, the member can establish themselves and the Association as a credible resource on housing-related issues.


What qualifications are needed before I can become an SPC?

Candidates for the SPC position should have a strong interest in politics while maintaining an ongoing knowledge of the issues facing members and property owners in the Commonwealth. Members should also have an existing relationship with their legislator; a history of giving to Mass RPAC as well as direct contributions to their legislator's campaign; responding to calls for action, attendance at Local Association legislative programs, and participation in REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill. Contact MAR staff or Local Association for additional information about joining the program.


How are SPCs appointed?

Candidates for SPCs must complete an SPC application, which shall be reviewed by the MAR Government Affairs Committee in a time and manner to be determined by the Committee. Members interested in serving as an SPC are encouraged to first contact their Local Association. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to obtain a recommendation from their Local Association prior to submitting their application to the MAR Government Affairs Committee. Local Associations may submit applications to the MAR Government Affairs Committee on applicants’ behalf.


How long will I serve in the position?

How long you serve in the position as SPC will depend on a variety of factors. Each SPC is encouraged to maintain regular contact with their Local Association Government Affairs Committee and staff as well as MAR staff. Because part of the purpose of the SPC Program is to develop lasting relationships with legislators over time, the goal is that each SPC will serve in their position during the tenure of the legislators’ term in office. The list of SPCs will be reviewed annually by the MAR Government Affairs Committee.


Interested in finding out more or want to apply?  View the SPC Manual to see program details and access the application.

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