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Nominating Information

2024 NEAR Leadership Nomination Information

The annual nomination and election of officers and directors for the Northeast Association of REALTORS® (NEAR) and state directors to the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is intended to be an open process, so members may nominate themselves or fellow NEAR members.

The NEAR Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing all nominations to ensure candidates meet the qualifications of the position to which they have been nominated. Prior to October 1, the Nominating Committee will vote on a recommended slate of officers and directors for the association for 2024, which will be presented to the NEAR Board of Directors for approval and presented to the membership at our Annual Meeting in October.

Below are the job descriptions and qualifications for each elected office as well as access to the nomination form. For questions regarding the nomination or election process, contact NEAR CEO Maria Brogan at 978-577-6138 or via email.


Nominations must be submitted no later than: July 31, 2023


2024 Vacancies include: President-elect, First Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, NEAR Director (2), and NEAR/MAR Director (2).


The President-elect of NEAR is elected annually for a one-year term as part of the Slate of Officers recommended by the Nominating Committee, approved by the Board of Directors, and presented to the membership for a vote at NEAR’s annual meeting in October. It is assumed that the President-elect will succeed to the office of President at the end of the President’s term.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Serve as an association spokesperson and performs the duties of President in the President’s absence and carries out such duties as the President and/or Board of Directors may from time-to-time assign.
  • Attend all NEAR Board of Directors meetings (typically held monthly with the exception of July and August), as well as Executive Committee meetings (held as needed).
  • Attend NEAR special events and programs, including NEAR Leadership Conference, education conference, annual awards celebration, PAF fundraiser, and Installation.
  • Keep abreast of business, legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Respond to “Calls to Action” on critical legislative and regulatory issues from all three levels of the REALTOR® organization.
  • Serve as communication liaison between NEAR and members.
    • Communicate about Association programs, services and events (in person and online/social media).
    • Collect feedback from members and share with the Board.
  • Serve as an Association Ambassador by appearing at office meetings of local real estate brokerage firms and at other meetings and members forums, upon request, to educate agents and brokers on NEAR programs/member benefits and the value of REALTOR® membership.
  • Understand and agree to abide by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and other membership policies adopted by NEAR, MAR and NAR.


State Association/MAR
The NEAR President-elect may serve as a member of the MAR Board of Directors or as an alternate director.

MAR Meetings & Events – Attendance Requirements:

  • MAR Director Regional Meetings (2), likely at MAR in Foxborough, MA.
  • MAR Board of Directors Meetings (2 – May and September), likely at MAR in Foxborough, MA.
  • MAR Professional Awards Program* (Fall)
  • MAR Conference* (Fall)
  • MAR Installation of Officers & Directors Dinner* (December)
  • REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill (June)
  • Participate in annual media training

* NEAR covers expenses for participation.


National Association/NAR

Meetings & Events – Attendance Requirements:

  • NAR Mid-Year Legislative Meetings, Washington, DC area* (May)
  • NAR Leadership Summit, Chicago, IL* (August)
  • NAR Annual Convention & Trade Expo, location varies* (November)

*NEAR covers or reimburses expenses for registration, airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and meals in accordance with NEAR Expense Reimbursement Policies & Procedures.



  1. Must be a REALTOR® in good standing;
  2. Must have held active membership in NEAR for a period of no less than 1 year prior to election;
  3. Must be a licensed real estate agent or broker and acknowledge to the NEAR Nominating Committee any prior record of a license suspension, revocation, or other disciplinary action from the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons or other real estate licensing authority in another state.
First Vice President
NEAR Director
NEAR/MAR Director
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