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2020 REALTOR® Membership Renewal

Thank you for your continued membership in the Northeast Association of REALTORS®! REALTOR® Membership dues bills are ready. The dues amounts remain unchanged from last year.


$275 Local Association (NEAR) Dues
$161 Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Dues & Private Property Protection Fund
$185 National Association of REALTORS® Dues & Consumer Advertising Campaign
$25 MassRPAC/NARPAF* (Voluntary investment)

$646 Total (with voluntary investment)

*Payment must be postmarked, faxed, or made online no later than 1/1/2020 or a late fee of $49 will be assessed.

Payment Options

Credit Card

Click "Member Login" at the top of our website. Once logged in, click on the "My Info" link and then the "Billing" link at the top. Select your dues invoice and follow the prompts for payment.

To log in to our new site, click here and use enter your name and the email address on-file. If you're unsure which email you have with us, please contact us (978-577-6138 or send an email).

Payment Plan
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